eduroam policies

eduroam users are expected to adhere to the eduroam policies, available at

SANSA eduroam accepted use policy

  1. Wifi access provided through the eduroam SSID is isolated from the internal SANSA network and services.
  2. SANSA encourages responsible use of the Internet. Such responsibility requires responsible judgment and compliance with all applicable legislation and policies.
  3. Any connection to SANSA-provided networks may be monitored.
  4. Prohibited and/or explicitly forbidden Internet use include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Discrimination/Harassment - use of the Internet to send harassing messages, derogatory comments, or unlawful discriminatory messages related to age, race, sex, or religion.
    • Political - use of the Internet for partisan political purposes.
    • Aliases/Anonymous messages/Misrepresentation - use of aliases or transmission of anonymous messages; additionally, Internet users must not misrepresent their job titles, job descriptions, or positions in the Agency.
    • Misinformation/Confidential Information - including, but not limited to, accessing certian entertainment sites, pornographic sites, sexually explicit or sexually oriented material sites, chat rooms or bulletin boards.
    • Copyrights - unlawful reproduction or distribution of copy righted information, regardless of the source.
    • Pursuit of private business activities or profit-making ventures - users may not operate a business with the use of SANSA’s computers or Internet resources.
    • Transmission of sensitive information – transmitting sensitive Agency information without adequate security protection.